Monday, June 18, 2007

Masala Samosa

Generally, here in the peninsular India, deep fried items always have a big fan club. Anybody who is not diet conscious, or who can restrict themselves from over-eating can try this.


For Dough:
Maida: 2 cups
Corn flour: 3 tbsps
Salt: As needed
Water: As needed

For StuffingOnion: 1 (Cut into slices)
Beans/carrot: 1/2 cup chopped into tiny cubes
Saunf: 1 tsp (optional)
Cinnamon: 1/2 inch size
Coconut: 3 tbsp (grated)
Green Chilli: 2 (Cut into small pieces)
Salt: As needed
Cooking oil: 2 tbsp
Oil for deep frying


Making the dough:
Add the Maida, corn flour, salt in a bowl. Add water little by little and kneed it to a dough. Leave it aside for an hour to soften. After an hour, knead it well once again and make it into small goose berry size balls. Keep it on Chapathi roller and make it into small round chapaties with 2 to 3 inch diameter. Let it be not too thin to hold the stuff.

Preparing the stuffing:

Heat a tawa, add saunf and cinnamon and saute it well, add onion and saute it till it turns pink. Add chillies and saute it for a min and then add beans and carrot and saute it till it becomes tender. Sprinkle a fist full of water and add salt. Keep it in simmer. Let the carrot and beans get cooked. Once the water content is completely absorbed add the grated coconut and mix it well. You can add white pepper a teaspoonful if needed

Preparing Samosa

Take the small chappatis and role it like you do for a cone. Keep the bottom side open. Take a spoon full of stuffing or as is needed and close the bottom side by pressing it. Press it well so that, the stuffing will not escape the cone while frying. Role the rest of the chappatis like cone and finish with the stuffing.

Deep frying:
Heat oil in a tawa, slowly put one samosa and fry it till it turns golden brown. Drain it to a kitchen tissue to absorb excess oil if any. There your samosa is ready.

Tomato sauce/ketchup is a good combination for this samosa

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